Expanding the Possibilities with Customized Metal Buildings

We Can Design and Build Your Metal Building to Match Your Needs

We have years of experience in the custom metal building design and build process. Working with your architects and engineers or a full-service design and build project, we can create a building that is structurally strong and aesthetically appealing.

  • High-quality materials
  • Design versatility
  • Predictable construction time
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Structural steel buildings
  • Exterior design options
  • High-quality materials
  • Design versatility
  • Predictable construction time
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Structural steel buildings
  • Exterior design options

We work with commercial, industrial, retail, and business owners throughout the Southwest as well as nationwide.

We have been part of the custom metal building design and build industry since 2005. Our suppliers offer warranties for finishes, roof weather tightness, insulation, door & window systems, paint that meets LEED requirements, and steel against rust perforations.

Leading The Way In Metal Building Designs

Customized Design & Steel Construction Solutions

Commercial Buildings

Office and retail buildings, medical facilities, strip malls, and restaurants

Industrial Buildings

Manufacturing buildings, warehouses, dry storage, and cold storage facilities

Aviation Buildings

Commercial and private hangars, maintenance, storage, and repair hangars

Government & Municipal

Federal, state, county, and city buildings, fire stations, pavilions, and community centers

Agricultural Buildings

Stables, barns, riding arenas, and other accessory buildings

Religious Buildings

Churches, schools, and other worship facilities .

We Design
And Build For Today

And For The Future

Designing Structural Steel Buildings That Will Stand The Test of Time

We understand that business owners are searching for ways to achieve diversity in their building designs. While some are looking for strength and longevity, others are looking for exterior designs that add dynamic color and texture.

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Structural Steel Buildings

Conventional & Steel Construction

We are experts at solving complex construction challenges and incorporating your interior and exterior design requirements. From functional to unique, one-of-a-kind structures, we can make it happen.

Past Projects

What Our Clients Say!

Custom-Designed Metal Buildings to Your Specifications


Need a design team to work with your ideas and specifications for custom-engineered metal buildings for nearly any type of industry?

We know how to turn your ideas into superior designs for custom steel buildings constructed to exacting specifications at the most competitive metal buildings pricing.

We offer design and build services for primary metal buildings, challenging projects for building structures that require architectural blueprints with detail, or plans for unique installations requiring maximum customization and distinctive design elements.

Our team is committed to delivering quality engineer-certified metal buildings, working with trustworthy building partners that provide precisely-manufactured structures:

  • Unique design aesthetics
  • Numerous customization options
  • Superior commercial-grade materials
  • Color options & customized exterior wall finishes
  • Engineering standards meeting all local and state structural loads
  • Highest standards of safety, durability, stability, & longevity
  • Efficient installations

Call our Phoenix Headquarters today to learn what we can do for you. Our team is ready for a new design and build challenge!

The Benefits of Steel Buildings Go Beyond Strength & Durability


Durability and strength that withstand extreme weather conditions with only the slightest evidence are vital and expected in the construction industry.

We design and construct our metal buildings to stand the test of time using steel, the optimal choice for construction where the highest quality performance is crucial.

These are additional key benefits of choosing our commercial steel buildings for your projects:

  • Low maintenance – corrosion-resistant steel
  • Energy-efficient thermal performance meeting code requirements
  • Compatible insulation packages for heating or cooling
  • Efficient and cost-effective installations
  • A high degree of design and construction accuracy
  • Design and construction flexibility & versatility

Our menu for types of custom steel buildings is endless. It lists commercial and private sector building types for non-profits, agricultural facilities, industrial, recreational, office, retail, restaurants, aircraft hangars, truck garages, and more.

Design and build with us! Call our Phoenix office today for experts in both fields to help with your next building project.

Custom Steel Buildings – We Rewrite the Rules of What’s Possible™


No matter how simple or intricate your building concept, nothing is too complex for our design and build teams.

We provide design and build services for custom steel buildings that are innovative, structurally sound, energy-efficient, and non-combustible. We also offer versatile options to incorporate customized exterior wall finishes such as masonry & stucco, brick or stone, multi-level mezzanines, and stair towers.

We rewrite the rules of what’s possible when designing and constructing some of the premier custom steel buildings designs on the market today. These are contributing factors for how we do it:

  • A relentless commitment to research, development & innovation
  • Use of adaptable techniques for future expansion
  • Outstanding collaboration with our building partners
  • Using value analysis and value engineering disciplines
  • Applying creative thinking to lower costs & improve the value

Call our Evercorp office in Phoenix to work with a design and build team that offers complete accountability, project continuity from start to finish, clear communication, and cost savings! 612-282-9922